Atomic Energy Regulatory Council Assures SL is Prepared for Any Nuclear Event


Officials from the Atomic Energy Regulatory Council have affirmed Sri Lanka’s readiness to manage potential radiological conditions in the event of a nuclear attack in the region. This assertion was made during a recent session of the Sectoral Oversight Committee on Energy and Transport held in parliament.

During the meeting, representatives from the Nuclear General Regulatory Council reiterated Sri Lanka’s preparedness to confront any radioactive situations that may arise due to a nuclear attack. They emphasized the availability of necessary human resources and equipment to address such emergencies effectively.

Authorities underscored Sri Lanka’s readiness to handle radiation fallout in the event of the presence of nuclear weapons in the region, highlighting the country’s proactive approach to ensure public safety.

A corresponding post shared by the Sri Lankan Parliament on Facebook provided additional insights into the discussion held during the Sectoral Oversight Committee meeting.