Removal of cutout from residence : Candidate complains to EC

Samagi Jana Balawegaya candidate Rohini Kaviratne has lodged a complaint with the election commission for the removal of a cut out that had been put up at her residence. 

In her complaint, Kaviratne has noted that perhaps this was the first incident where a cutout has been removed from a candidate’s own home. According to the complaint submitted by her, the cut out had been removed on Tuesday afternoon. 

Kaviratne in her letter also stressed that she has never violated election laws and went on to question how a cut out within her residential premises can be illegal. She also requested the EC to provide her with an explanation on the removal of the cutout. 

She also pointed out the differential treatment being meted out to candidates representing parties in the government and to those in the opposition. “A fair playing field ground to contest must not only be implemented on television programs but in the grassroots as well” she added.