CID Begins Questioning Wigneswaran

The Criminal Investigations Department (CID) has begun questioning former Northern Province Chief Minister and leader of the Thamil Makkal Kuttani party CV Wigneswaran yesterday (10).

During the last general election, he had claimed that the Tamils ​​were the first people in the country and had made several other statements in this regard. As a result several others, including members of the Maha Sangha, had complained to the CID regarding these statements. 

After questioning, Wigneswaran had told the media that what he had said during the election campaign was true and not lies in the hope of getting votes.

He has told the media in Jaffna that the Tamil people are the first people in this country and that they have a great right to this country. Wigneswaran is being questioned by a team of officers from the CID who went to Jaffna from Colombo.